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I have created this website as, half a personal area for me, and half an area to express my photography, art, writing and just general beliefs and thoughts. I don't know what it is i wish to achieve out of this, perhaps nothing at all, either way, eventually this site will be filled with poetry and writing, art and photography, i will also upload favourite lyrics, quotes and pictures (which will all be listed or obvious). You will find all writing under 'Writing', (long poems will be marked with a * , stories will be marked with a #), Art and 'arty' photos under 'Art', Photos under 'Photogallery'​. Random quotes and thoughts under 'News' on the 'Home Page', major debates/thoughts/beliefs i have under 'Thoughts', Suggested bands, songs- song lyrics, and photos and music links will be under 'Music', suggested Anime and favourite books under 'Anime :) + Books'... No doubt the website will be casually updated and catagories will be added.            Enjoy :)   J.  xx

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Just A Note....

Also note that alot of writing and art content is personal to me, so if you could keep any negative thoughts or comments to yourself, that would be great. Also, I will say now that some of my material may be taken offensive. I am, eccentric? and use certain words and means of art to express myself and to use my artistic ability to an advantage that is true to me. This is who I am...


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omg omg

unknown stalker | 25/11/2014

holy fuck your amazing. im gunna stalk yoou your so hot

another bundle of joy :)

Janaya Leed>>mobile<< | 07/11/2014

Welcome to the world, for the 29th of October, to my second daughter Aleena McCoy, born at 5:16am weighing in at only 2255g :) we love you little baby <3 -Mum Dad and big sister Arrianne <3 Xxo xo xox


sam jeezus | 19/01/2014

Wouldn't mind giving some input on some poetry and if you want a different perspective to give you some ideas I've got some of my own work saved for comment. just fb me or something. Saxon knows who i am properly. :)


B | 29/12/2013

Ever consider creating an All Poetry account?
I find it's a really good community that gives a lot of helpful feedback on your work.
Here's a link to the site if you ever decide to join up:

and here's a link to my page if you want to check it out:

You have some amazing talent Janaya and this might just give you the exposure you need to consider publishing. I know i would definitely buy any books by you.


... | 12/09/2013

God damn touch phones, ill get it right eventually haha:)
Arianne Isabella McCoy :) xxxxx <3
........ YAY :D


:) | 12/09/2013

A little altercation to the name ; Ariane Isabella McCoy <3 :) xxxxx

my perfect little angel

Janaya Leed>>mobile<< | 12/09/2013

Happy and very proud to announce the birth of my first child; my daughter Arianne McCoy , born 10th of September at 9:24 p.m weighing only 5.14 pounds. :,) I love you baby <3 xxx I love you too "dad" :) xxxx

Re: my perfect little angel

nina | 19/01/2014

on my big brother birthday who happens to be her poppy grandfather lol cant belive he an gran daddy xx
cant belive I an great aunt lol


Marky frost | 22/11/2012

lol kinav reminds me of myself :)


bridge | 12/11/2012

Janaya!!!You sure have some talent.Love your female art.Your writing is very painfull.It's greeat that you can express it.I feel you could do something with your talent.Look in to it darl!!!

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11/09/2012 21:10
"The other day i saw a rabbit, Yesterday a dear. Today, it was you."

OurWorld // check it out :P

13/09/2012 22:07
 or http://web2.ourworld.com/ow/tracking?source=ref_link&user_id=80586142


20/09/2012 19:49
 If there is anyone interested in pet rats In Tasmania, Hobart area, e-mail me, and i can give you contact details. :) . They are cute and affectionate, easy and cheap to look after .. :) how could you refuse ? :D


23/09/2012 05:01
One's social skills begin to falter when one spends so much time away from civilization...


23/09/2012 21:30
Do not follow the path not marked for you, young one. For those are paths fait has paved to be destined for others, and not for you... 


24/09/2012 22:18
Saying my full name aloud is never better at times like these; when I question who I am and what i mean, what I do and who I'll be...