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I have created this website as, half a personal area for me, and half an area to express my photography, art, writing and just general beliefs and thoughts. I don't know what it is i wish to achieve out of this, perhaps nothing at all, either way, eventually this site will be filled with poetry and writing, art and photography, i will also upload favourite lyrics, quotes and pictures (which will all be listed or obvious). You will find all writing under 'Writing', (long poems will be marked with a * , stories will be marked with a #), Art and 'arty' photos under 'Art', Photos under 'Photogallery'​. Random quotes and thoughts under 'News' on the 'Home Page', major debates/thoughts/beliefs i have under 'Thoughts', Suggested bands, songs- song lyrics, and photos and music links will be under 'Music', suggested Anime and favourite books under 'Anime :) + Books'... No doubt the website will be casually updated and catagories will be added.            Enjoy :)   J.  xx

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Just A Note....

Also note that alot of writing and art content is personal to me, so if you could keep any negative thoughts or comments to yourself, that would be great. Also, I will say now that some of my material may be taken offensive. I am, eccentric? and use certain words and means of art to express myself and to use my artistic ability to an advantage that is true to me. This is who I am...


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HADES_SleeplessSuicide | 10/10/2016

Janaya, its been nearly a year exactly, and i still miss you as much as i did the first day we broke up....
You have moved on with Kyle, wont be long off starting your own new little family i bet. I miss you so much, always will. Ill never move on from you, ill never ever love someone again the way i loved you.. You probably wont see this, but oh well.... i hope you do, just so you know youll always be in my heart, youll always be in my heart. ILY SM FE <3


Jazziefizzle Jones | 11/01/2015

Hey bub and thanks sax for inviting me to this site just wounding if I could put some if my work up, asking first of corse :)

omg omg

unknown stalker | 25/11/2014

holy fuck your amazing. im gunna stalk yoou your so hot

another bundle of joy :)

Janaya Leed>>mobile<< | 07/11/2014

Welcome to the world, for the 29th of October, to my second daughter Aleena McCoy, born at 5:16am weighing in at only 2255g :) we love you little baby <3 -Mum Dad and big sister Arrianne <3 Xxo xo xox


sam jeezus | 19/01/2014

Wouldn't mind giving some input on some poetry and if you want a different perspective to give you some ideas I've got some of my own work saved for comment. just fb me or something. Saxon knows who i am properly. :)

Re: poetry

Jasmin Jones | 11/01/2015

Long time no see Sam :) how you you been?


B | 29/12/2013

Ever consider creating an All Poetry account?
I find it's a really good community that gives a lot of helpful feedback on your work.
Here's a link to the site if you ever decide to join up:

and here's a link to my page if you want to check it out:

You have some amazing talent Janaya and this might just give you the exposure you need to consider publishing. I know i would definitely buy any books by you.


... | 12/09/2013

God damn touch phones, ill get it right eventually haha:)
Arianne Isabella McCoy :) xxxxx <3
........ YAY :D


:) | 12/09/2013

A little altercation to the name ; Ariane Isabella McCoy <3 :) xxxxx

my perfect little angel

Janaya Leed>>mobile<< | 12/09/2013

Happy and very proud to announce the birth of my first child; my daughter Arianne McCoy , born 10th of September at 9:24 p.m weighing only 5.14 pounds. :,) I love you baby <3 xxx I love you too "dad" :) xxxx

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11/09/2012 21:10
"The other day i saw a rabbit, Yesterday a dear. Today, it was you."

OurWorld // check it out :P

13/09/2012 22:07
 or https://web2.ourworld.com/ow/tracking?source=ref_link&user_id=80586142


20/09/2012 19:49
 If there is anyone interested in pet rats In Tasmania, Hobart area, e-mail me, and i can give you contact details. :) . They are cute and affectionate, easy and cheap to look after .. :) how could you refuse ? :D


23/09/2012 05:01
One's social skills begin to falter when one spends so much time away from civilization...


23/09/2012 21:30
Do not follow the path not marked for you, young one. For those are paths fait has paved to be destined for others, and not for you... 


24/09/2012 22:18
Saying my full name aloud is never better at times like these; when I question who I am and what i mean, what I do and who I'll be...