(how do you feel man?yeah you're not that man at all...) *

24/09/2012 05:09


If your pain was a death note,

Sealed in my heart of an envelope

I’d trade my days and take it all…


I’ve seen you in the face of fear;

Drop to your knees and crawl…

You think you’re tough,

And think a faker’s masque will cut it.

Now my stomach is turning

Cause you just make me sick.


None of us ever asked for disaster,

To stain across our chests like permanent markers.

To have our smiles torn from our faces,

Ripped up and burnt

Like flammable pages.


And I never asked to love you

But I can’t say that it was forced…

No sentimental satisfaction left in words of remorse.


I saw no reason,

I never even kissed you goodbye.

Now I sit in this spot,

And wander why…


You never leave my mind,

And confessions go as far as;

I’ve become the smallest speck of dirt.

And the only thing that gets me through the day,

Is the memory of a love, that never worked.


This more than personal,

Infact it chills me to the marrow of my bone.

How the one who said they’d never leave you,

Is that one that’s left you alone.


I don’t know if I should regret each day,

Either way, I won’t forget our last.

And I know you won’t just be a memory,

Or a picture in the past.


I miss your arms around me now

And I need to hear your voice again,

Cause ever since you went away,

I’ve not know where I am.

But what difference would it make

With all these words I weep and write?

Cause I know it’s over and done with now,

And know you’re gone for life.