24/09/2012 04:31


These walls are breaking down,

Into bits of dust.

And I don’t know if I have your love,

Nether loan your trust.


This war I face I fight alone,

Everyday; in flesh and bone.


Thoughts have changed with the days that have passed us,

But the ones that were heard are the ones that have scarred us.


Our memories linger like a story that never ended,

But in my defence; you convinced me,

So on you, I depended.


So many questions I’ve been too afraid to ask,

Like; “Do I mean a thing to you?” , “Do you even have a heart?”


Remembering all the times we laughed and wore our smiles as jewellery.

Now you’re taking little pieces of my heart, almost cruelly.


In need of a smile,

You turn all laughter into tears,

And in a blink of an eye;

All happiness disappears.


When you’re spewing words in a sequence;

It’s like this when love feels like a far away friend.

As I still write to you everyday,

In letters I won’t ever send.


Getting lost inside myself,

Finding home shifted to the curves of the sidelines,

But this agony, this misery,

Is the only thing left to remind…


The twists and turns we’ve winded and weaved,

The things we said and did.

Paste like pictures on the insides of my eyelids.


The early calls posted on website walls,

A gentle touch, a final kiss.

Are all the things that I will miss.


But deep in my heart,

I keep you alive.

A barley burning purity;

I call this segment: Light.

There’s a stillness in my heart,

A wheezing in my breath.

This teardrop on my cheek,

Is all that I have left.


I’ll cut it down to size

So my letters won’t run.

I’m sorry that I loved you,

And thought you were ‘the one’.


So I’m gonna say “goodbye”,

Though never accept it’s over.

The next time that you love somebody,

I hope that you can show her.