24/09/2012 22:49


My veins burn with passion

As I hear the voices cry.

And the doves spread their wings

Into the flames as they rise.

And my eyes stare the longing

Painfully perfect smile,

Cause everything turned out just fine

And all the while

I spent casting my demons

Into pits of dead snakes

Saw written in the dirt

“You made a mistake.”

Then through the smoke

A thought blessed my soul,

And I made you my prisoner

In bars of my skull.


Through time,

Shedding tears,

Regret and the wait,

I became two

And thoughts took their shape;


Who you are now,

Is the same as you ever were

And then found in my heart;

I was the prisoner.


And in the confinement of your memory

I made a home

And carved your name

Into the flesh of this stone.


Part the shadows on the wall,

Like a split down two faces

And then you’ll see the world in threes,

And find that your place is

Amongst the scent of the rose

And the tip of its thorn,

Not in the beauty,

Or the blood that was worn.


And I told you this would happen,

If not now, then someday

And you said you wouldn’t let it,

But you did anyway.


But I guess it’s better late than never

And I honestly thought you were dead and gone,

Still I’ll hold my tongue in saying

Clearly, I was wrong.