24/09/2012 18:23


You’re a fucking bullshit artist,

You fill my head with garbage

I can’t take your lies,

I despise them.

You hurt me;

I cry.

You don’t give a fuck,

You don’t even realize!

You couldn’t care less,

I’m always second best.

Now I have a scar from you;

A hole in my fucking chest!

You tore my heart out,

But at first it was fine.

Until you squeezed it

And broke it,

And fucked up my mind!

I thought you were different;

The one no one wanted,

So I wanted you.

Loved all the stupid things you would do,

Never worried where your eyes would stray,

Cause it was never far from my lifeless face.

Felt my pain, shared it all

And laughed at nothing.

Now I’m trying to bring myself to do something.

Anything that will bring back my favourite smile,

Even just for a moment,

Just for a while.