24/09/2012 03:32


I can show you love,

If you really wish to endure it;

The pain.

And keep count of your losses,

For there will be many that multiply.

Find an art in those losses,

In which you will call the Art of Losing.

I can take you to places you’ve only dreamt of,

And beyond the likes of what you have imagined;

I can take you to the deepest depths of the ocean,

I can take you so far down,

That you will never see above the surface again.


I can take you far beyond the clouds and the skies,

Past the stars and all the planets,

Until you’re no longer even existent.


I could take you to the most hollow pit on earth,

And dig it even deeper,

I could cover it over with coal and ash,

And leave you there for dead.


I could walk you down the aisles of despair,

My porcelain bride.

-To a world where silence blankets the earth,

Where your screams are never heard.


Deathly beautiful.

My grey-winged angel.

How innocent those stain glass eyes are…


Those are which will be the embers that burn these undying days.

The gentle touch of salt and water trickle down my cheeks

And shape a million tear drops.


And this is just the beginning,

Of what only ever seems to be the end-

A prisoner of time,

A hostage of your undying memory.