Weight of the World

26/11/2012 04:43

So i don't really know too much about climate change, or over population, or the world at all really in that matter, but i know that something is happening right? That's why the world is going haywire; all the floods, fires, earthquakes and so on ? (And also, i know that in China they limit the ammount of children a family can have, so that's saying something right?)     Anyway i just had a trippy thought;

So we know that everything came from the earth, everything that is here now, has always been here in some way shape or form... It's not like we picked up pieces from other planets and galexies... Before houses were houses, they were trees, before the bread was wheat, milk, before the milk was a cow... So on and so forth. Some things were elements, some things were forms of rock or metal materials that need to be melted down or grounded to create a new material. So, you see how everything that exists now, has always existed, has always been on the earth, everything. Nothing has ever been taken from anything else, from the time the earth began, it was all here, before people and animals.

In saying that though, the only things/beings who could toss off the weight of the world, would be something who came later, as in after the earth had already began and everything was already existing. Not only something to come after this had begun, but something or someone who could reproduce on its own, using something and making something not to have come from the earth but from itself. The only beings possible would be  humans and animals. In order to add a weight to the world, you cannot create something with materials taken from the earth, as they have always been here, to do this, you must have something not from the earth, something that can produce on its own using materials from itself, to make something not of this earth.

In saying this, any "weight" or threat to the world as such, can be caused by non other than human beings.