24/09/2012 18:39


I wake up everyday

Without a smile on my face.

Close my eyes and try to find a happy place.

But it seems you’ve drifted so distant

I can barely remember

But in my dreams is where I find you,

And there; I surrender.


A place called home has locked its doors on me.

Frozen in stone; I wait here to see.


It hurts more than cancer

And I’m lost for things to do.

Because the only thing that mattered in the world to me,

Is you.


I try to do my best,

But never try enough,

And no matter what I do

I can never make you laugh.


Your supple eyes are lost behind

A face full of lies and betrayal.

As I look back on those days,

I see we were set to fail.


A bitter pill to swallow,

Though as today fades to tomorrow

Nothing has changed,

And you are one that never will;

You’re a spreading virus that eagers on the kill;

Maybe somewhat perfect,

In the cruellest kind of way-

Now a malignant thought

I don’t think, will ever go away.


Thing is that you’re gone now,

Though you were never really there.

Two make a couple, yes

But I was the only one who cared.